'Sense8' Season 2 Air Date, Rumors, News & Updates: Sikandar Kher Is Scrutinized; Cancellation Underway, Netflix Opts For Spinoff

By Dimple A. , Parent Herald August 15, 12:03 pm

Avid followers of the series are thrilled for the nearing airing of "Sense8" Season 2. However, the information circulating the forthcoming renewal of the Netflix sequel is said to be canceled because of casting and money matters.

Australia News Network said that "Sense8" Season 2 could possibly be postponed after issues regarding casting and money have arisen. The same source also exposed that Sikandar Kher is making difficulties during the taping of the forthcoming season.

Reports said that Sikandar Kher is asking too much from Netflix that the company is currently thinking of canceling "Sense8" season 2. Producers recently said that Sikandar Kher will be the next to join the anti-hero league on the show.

The portrayed role of Sikandar Kher will be battling against Wolfgang (Max Riemelt) and his own brother, Rajan (Purab Kohli), because of jealousy in "Sense8" Season 2. Vine Report said that the new character is also interested with Kala (Tina Desai).

There is still no authentic announcement from the "Sense8" Season 2 production executives as of today. Avid followers should take everything with a grain of salt until it has been proven true and verified.

Recent reports involve a love triangle between Kala, Rajan and Wolfgang and it is going to be the center storyline for "Sense8" Season 2. Speculations also conveyed that Wolfgang will attempt to win Kala back, but many are wondering in whether she will choose Rajan for her family.

However, the role of Sikandar Kher will bring spirals and twist of fate in "Sense8" Season 2. Spoilers have said that Sikandar Kher will be capturing both Wolfgang and Rajan to have Kala alone.

"Sense8" Season 2 is set to be aired in December 2016. Stay tuned for more "Sense8" Season 2 spoilers, news and updates!

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