Rio Olympics 2016: Michael Phelps' Retirement Involves More Father-Son Time With Boomer, Baby No. 2

By Rachel Cruise, Parent Herald August 18, 05:00 am

After competing in the Rio Olympics 2016, Michael Phelps announced that he has no more plans of returning to compete at the next Olympics. With retirement in sight, the new dad declared he's going to be spending the next few years with son Boomer. He might also be working to have a second baby with fiancée Nicole Johnson.

With the swimming competition done and over at the Rio Olympics 2016, Michael Phelps is back to changing his 3-month old son's diapers. He told the press that he hasn't done his daddy duties for almost four weeks because of the competition, and the first time back has been emotional. "It brought a tear to my eye, just because he hasn't seen me in a while and it was so cool to see him smiling back at me and laughing and giggling," the swim champ with 23 gold medals said, per WUSA9.

The number one priority for Michael Phelps is to become a good influence in Boomer's life. He doesn't plan on missing anything about his baby as Boomer grows up. He also intends to immerse Boomer in sports to be able to bond with him.

Phelps is a product of divorce and used to have a strained relationship with his own dad, which has since been sorted and mended. But he has a different dream and plan for his growing family, including perhaps adding a second child with his soon-to-be wife Nicole.

"We've talked about more [children]," said Phelps via People. The beaming dad is hoping Boomer will have a little sister in the future. "He could be the protector of his younger sibling or siblings," Phelps said.

However, for the immediate future, Michael Phelps and Nicole are going to be occupied with their wedding plans. The couple would like to get married this year in what looks like a destination wedding, per Washington Post. "It'll be small and intimate for the wedding, then we're throwing a massive bash for everyone in the States," Nicole revealed.

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