Prince George Toddler Years: Duchess Kate Middleton Reveals Son's Favorite Inexpensive Fun Time Activity

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton reveals that her 3-year-old son Prince George has a favorite inexpensive fun time activity. Prince William's wife told the anecdote about their first-born during a visit at the Youthscape Center in Luton.

Stepping inside the Youthscape's kitchen, Kate Middleton smelled the cookies the teens have been baking and she commended them. She also said that she and Prince George have also been trying baking at home. "He makes so much mess, it's chaos," the duchess shared, per People.

Mirror reports that playing and learning in the kitchen is one of Prince George's favorite fun things to do. The toddler also loves doing arts and crafts with colored noodles, as much as he loves eating spaghetti.

Hello reports that the duchess also spotted some kids at the charity center who were playing with a game of UNO. Kate Middleton told them that the card game was what she and her siblings, Pippa and James, also played with as kids and it's a family favorite.

On the other hand, husband Prince William took a few minutes to play video games with some of the boys and admitted that he has gotten in trouble with his wife for being hooked into it sometimes. "I have been accused of playing too long on computer games," the future King of England joked.

The visit to Youthscape comes as the facility has just been recently renovated. The site takes in kids and ensures their physical, emotional and spiritual welfare.

Meanwhile, the royal family is preparing a huge trip to Canada this September. As Parent Herald reported, it will be Princess Charlotte's first royal visit overseas and preparations will include some play time with the children.

However, CBC reports that Prince George and his family won't be visiting the Prince George province, despite the local leaders extending the invite to the duke and duchess. "When we put the request in, we were very realistic about our chances given that so many provinces, so many communities throughout the country wanted to have the Royals visit," said Mayor Lyn Hall.

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