Toyota News And Updates: Carmaker Teaches Teens How To Build Fuel Cell Cars

By Katherine Pine, Parent Herald August 30, 08:35 am

Toyota, one of the largest carmakers in the world, launched a new project that allows teens to be taught how to build fuel cell cars. Accordingly, the project is for high school students.

However, Toyota's project is not about teens actually making the cars but are being taught to build smaller versions of the fuel cell cars. The cars are also said to be remote-controlled. The company reportedly hopes that with them making smaller versions and models of the fuel cell cars, it would be enough to ignite the teens' interests to venture into the car making technology, PC Parts reported.

Engadget reported that the project, called the Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge, is not a full-scale and multi-year program as compared to the drone and robotics course that is now being offered at a Japanese high school. However, the Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge still teaches teens about climate chance and the importance of alternative energy for a whole semester. Fuel cell cars are basically being made in order to help the environment.

Toyota's national vehicle marketing manager, Doug Coleman, said in a statement that the Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge aims to prove the opportunity to high school students to introduce the
"next generation of innovators to fuel cell technology." He said that Toyota hopes the Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge will encourage students to join their company in their effort to create a more eco-conscious and sustainable future.

The Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge is now being offered in 20 high schools around Los Angeles and Orange County. The engineers of Toyota will also be talking about the challenges they faced when they designed their full-sized fuel cell-powered vehicle, the Mirai.

After the students make their own remote-controlled fuel cell cars, they could demonstrate their creations via racing them against each other. The NASCAR Pit Crew of Toyota will be assisting.

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