Random Act Of Kindness: 5-Year-Old Boy Saves Money, Buys Police Force Lunch As Thank You For Keeping Town Safe

By Rachel Cruise, Parent Herald August 31, 12:50 am

A 5-year-old boy, who has done the most selfless gesture, left the Winslow Police Department in awe. William Evertz Jr. didn't spend his allowance for seven months so that he could use this to buy the police force lunch. He originally wanted to use the money to buy a toy police car.

The Philly reports that 5-year-old William visited the police department with the food, with the help of his family, who brought along balloons. Dressed as a police himself, the young boy supposedly told the cops that he wanted to be just like them when he grows up, and then thanked them for their service.

Per Fox 8, William wanted to do a "random act of kindness" and decided he will provide lunch for the cops who keep his town safe. His mom then sent an email to the police station to tell them of William's plans. The young boy brought them food from Subway because he wants the cops to eat healthy.

Apparently, the allowance he saved up wasn't enough so he did extra work to earn more money. He did chores like washing the car, sweeping the yard and feeding the chickens, much to the appreciation of his family.

Seeing what the young boy has done, the cops could not help by tear up. The Winslow Police Department decided to make William an honorary police and was then gifted with a badge. He also got to get on a ride-along in the police car, complete with lights and sirens turned on.

George Smith, the department chief, expressed gladness for what William showed. "I can't wait until you're old enough so we can hire you," he told the 5-year old, Philly reported. Even the town's mayor Barry Wright, who used to be a police officer, also lauded William and told the boy he's proud of him.

According to The Blaze, the 5-year-old also plans to donate some toys and school items at a local shelter for victims of domestic violence. William also wants to visit an animal shelter and perhaps a daycare center. Learn more about William Evertz Jr.'s story in the video below.

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