SSI Eligibility, Disability Benefits & Other Facts About Supplemental Security Income for Children

You need not worry about securing your children's future and well-being. SSI or Supplemental Security Income funds are available for children in need of financial support, according to Keep these top SSI facts in mind. Doing so will help you get your kids the government-supported benefits they need whenever your family is short on funds.

1.    Your Kids Must be Below 18 and Attending School to Become SSI Beneficiaries

Your family needs to pass the limited income and resources tests before your minor child is initially deemed eligible for SSI benefits. states that the government's provision on the receipt of SSI benefits is that "the child has a physical or mental condition that very seriously limits activities, and the condition must be expected to last at least one year or be terminal."

You need to undergo a disability interview to prove your child's eligibility for the benefits. Present your child's treatment, medical records, complete prescribed medications, and his birth certificate to the interviewer. These documents support your stance on your child's need to be enrolled in the SSI benefits program.

2.    Family Information and Other Social Service Assistance Services Support SSI Application

After you've completed the pre-requisite tests and interview, family information and other social service assistance services determine eligibility for SSI benefits.

3.    SSI Funds are Reduced When Your Child Earns an Income

If your child is earning an income, the amount of SSI funds he receives is reduced. The SSI funds amount reduced is dependent upon the income value your kid earns.

4.    Your Child's Financial Resources Must Be Below the Standards

Your child's financial resources should not exceed the amount limit set to qualify for SSI. The home resources the child lives in should not go over the $2,000 value. These resources don't include the family residence, one vehicle, household materialistic things and other miscellaneous entities.

5.    Public Health Benefits and Food Resources are Likely Granted Also

Once your child gets SSI benefits, he/she likely receives Medicaid and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits. The latter also refers to government-supported food stamps.

Meanwhile, according to, SSI gives beneficiaries the privilege to receive monthly funds, Medicaid and Medicare benefits, while employed. reported beneficiaries should be meticulous when it comes to reporting an address change to the SSI agency. Doing so will avoid delays in the receipt of monthly funds allocated to the beneficiary.

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