Young Mom Who Gives Up Twin Babies At Fire Station Commended For Doing The Right Thing - What Is Safe Haven Law?

By Rachel Cruise, Parent Herald September 06, 06:25 am

A young mom has given up her twin infant boys by leaving them at a firefighters' station in Illinois on Aug. 31. Instead of being charged for abandonment, however, the state is actually commending the mother for supposedly doing what is right. Apparently, there's a Safe Haven Law that guarantees the protection for both mom and child, even if the mother no longer wants her baby.

ABC 7 Eyewitness News reports that the unnamed mother, who was pegged to be either in her late teens or in her early 20s, arrived at the firehouse in the wee hours with her twins. With baby bags in tow and the infants strapped in a car seat, the mom even talked with the firefighters on duty.

She told them that she can no longer care for the twins and also provided the firefighters information about their allergies. The firemen took note that the twins appeared to be in good health. But just the same, the babies were brought to the hospital for checking after the mother left them.

Chief Mickil Smith of the Phoenix, Illinois Fire Department said that the mother actually did the right thing by bringing her babies to their department. Rather than abandoning the twins in a dumpster, which happens in many cases, this mom observed and applied the Safe Haven Law of the state.

According to Child Welfare, the Safe Haven Law, which has been in existence for years, allows parents to give up their baby without any legal consequences. This is provided that the child has not been abandoned in places that might threaten or cause harm to the infant's life. Most states permit the giving up of babies who are only days old -- in safe havens like firehouses, hospitals or police stations. Some states allow for babies up to a month old.

The reports say that the babies brought to the firehouse are already at least six months old, but social workers believed the mom's intention was "in the right place." Thus, no charges are being filed against her and the authorities have yet to receive opposing reports about this case. Learn more about the Safe Haven Law in this video below.

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