Marijuana In Daycare: Why Parents Should Carefully Evaluate Daycare Centers; Police Bust Connecticut Site Growing Marijuana Plants

By Rachel Cruise, Parent Herald September 08, 05:16 am

A daycare center in West Haven, Connecticut had its license to operate revoked by the Office of Early Childhood. The establishment apparently failed its housing requirements inspection, but it is facing more problems with the authorities after 600 marijuana plants were discovered in the daycare's backyard. Parents are being warned about carefully choosing a daycare facility for their kids as a result of this incident.

Following a report from state child care inspectors regarding the daycare center, local police were able to obtain a search warrant to investigate the premises last Friday, Sept. 2. On Norfolk Street, police confirmed that marijuana plants of "approximately 6 to 10 feet tall" were indeed enclosed with new backyard fences in the location. The daycare center was ordered to immediately shut down, while police are still trying to determine if any arrests should be made, via New Haven Register.

New York Daily News reports that the daycare center's license was registered to a Rosalee Miller, but it is unclear whether the individual is also a suspect in the police's criminal investigation into the marijuana. The authorities have made it clear that the license case and the marijuana case are separate and independent. Fox News confirmss that the daycare center has been in existence since 1995.

This is not the first time a daycare center has been discovered as a front for illegal activities. In March, authorities in Pittsburgh busted a daycare center as well, and police seized a "significant" number of heroin in the premises, according to Pittsburgh Action News.

Parents should exercise diligence in choosing a daycare center for their kids to ensure that they are in a safe environment. Baby Center suggests some of the most prudent steps to take, such as visiting the place and interviewing its operators or asking good references from trusted people. Parents must also contact child care agencies and browse for information about the daycare online.

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