Disney Begins Finger-Scanning Kids From Ages 3-9 To Deter Ticket Fraud; Parents Express Worry About Data Gathering Biometrics

By Rachel Cruise, Parent Herald September 08, 04:43 am

Disney now requires scanning the fingers of its theme park visitors who are between the ages 3 to 9. While this was required from older kids and adult guests before, the move will now cover its younger visitors to deter ticket fraud.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the tickets issued by Disney for its younger theme park visitors were not tied to any scanners before. This made it easier, however, for people to share or steal the tickets, resulting in many issues and confusion at the theme parks. The new system in place should hopefully eliminate such problems and nuances.

Disney's theme parks introduced finger scanning for older kids and adults some ten years ago. The inclusion of finger scanning younger kids supposedly went live this August, as per Fortune.

Nonetheless, some parents are growing concern of the fact that their toddler's biometrics are already entered in a public system once they have been finger-scanned. But in an official statement, Disney has clarified that its finger scanning biometrics do not involve data gathering.

Finger scanning at Disney is only needed to attach a numeric code so that the ticket holder can visit one attraction to another, or re-enter the site without any hitches. Patch reports that it is also meant to protect the younger guests, as some other person might end up making use of their tickets.

Disney tickets do not come cheap, hence the need to ensure that guests do not become victims of ticket fraud. A ticket to the Magic Kingdom, for example, costs $105 for a day's visit, while annual ticket prices go from $259 to $729 depending on what is included in the package and when this will be used.

Still, if parents are unwilling to have their toddlers and younger children finger-scanned, Disney asks that they coordinate with the guest relations office. This might cause delays, though, during their visit and much to the disappointment of the children.

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