'Pokemon GO' Ditto Found As A Starting Pokemon: How To Uncover The Rarest Pokemon

Ditto is known to be in the game of "Pokemon GO" and yet he is still not found. While others find the topic about Ditto a bit tiring already since nobody has found him yet but several theories of where he could possibly be have sprouted up which you might also want to try.

Reports of specific persons finding Ditto and Articuno on YouTube has also sprouted curiosity whether the said rare Pokemons were found. According to the video, Niantic provided him with a surprised easter egg and when it hatched, it was Ditto. While the video looks legit, according to reports, Niantic took back the Pokemon.

Some may think that Niantic did not really include Ditto in "Pokemon GO," however, Ditto is in the Pokedex. If you find Jolteon and once you register it, on the upper right side is the image of Ditto, just waiting to be discovered.

One theory is the 10-kilometer egg which when it is walked a pop up would show on how to hatch it. "Hatch this egg by feeding it butter. It likes all kinds of butter. The best kind," the message reads.

Most players of "Pokemon GO" are relating the message to a possible hatching of Ditto. Although it is still unclear how to place butter on the egg or if there ways to slide something on it for it to hatch.

Another theory to the possible appearance of Ditto in "Pokemon GO" is on the screen of the game, according to a YouTube video regarding easter eggs. With the Pokemon items and Pokedex buttons, try to keep pressing them and you would see that you will be able to see that the ring button itself will turn into a different color. The colors on the buttons on the "Pokemon Go" is mostly the same with what they used in Pokemon Snap.

This is significant because when Ditto disguised himself as Bulbasaur, the pester balls that were used to reveal Ditto had the same color. This could just be a coincidence in "Pokemon GO" or this could be something else.

Another theory on where Ditto could possibly be is with the catch rate of starter Pokemon. The same trick when getting Pikachu as a starter Pokemon might apply with finding Ditto in "Pokemon GO."

When getting Pikachu as a starting Pokemon while playing Pokemon GO," most need to return a couple of times to get the starter Pikachu. Fans are theorizing that Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Charmander have the same catch rate of 16 percent and they are mostly the starting Pokemon. Ditto also has the same catch rate as the three, so it is possible that Ditto may be a starting Pokemon but is just hiding to not be discovered.

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