Internet Addiction In Teens! Reduce Device Usage With Parental Control App

By Staff Reporter, Parent Herald September 09, 06:35 pm

Nowadays, teens spend a lot of time browsing the internet, which was once a means of entertainment and communication is morphing into an addiction now. Internet addiction is an unruly desire to stay online for the maximum time possible. This can be put side by side with other addictions like gambling and drugs. Internet addiction is not just a parenting issue as thought by many people. In fact, Internet addiction was being seriously considered for addition in the 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V)!

Experts have also concluded that people addicted to the internet are just seeking attention and want to fill up the missing human connection in the real world. While severe internet addiction requires professional help, you can start by some self-help ways i.e. parental control apps. Parents who think that their child is merely doing what all teenagers do these days, should know that internet addiction is extremely common in teens. According to this infographic by Lihona Academy, 62% teens 'need' internet to function on a daily basis.  

Parental controls are here to help

The first step to deal with any concern you have about your children is communicating. Talk to them about their behavior and make them realize how is it affecting their life (present and future). If the behavior still persists, which most likely will, you can use smart parenting apps i.e. FamilyTime parental control app, to not only monitor but control their device usage. Want to try this app? Download it now on your iOS or Android phone.

This app has a wide range of interesting features which allow you to monitor your child's location, contact list, online activities, block apps and a lot more. In this case, FamilyTime gives you the control to:

(1) Remotely lock the phone from your parent Dashboard to reduce screen time.

This way, you can lock their phone during the study, meal and sleep hours to cut back their desire to stay online all the time. Also, if they are addicted to a certain append even locking their phone isn't stopping them, you can use FamilyTime to:

(2) View all the list of apps installed on their phone/tab.

(3) Check app usage frequency to see the time spent on each app.

(4) Blacklist any app you want to.

Don't let this addiction consume them!

Every parent's basic instinct is to keep their children happy and healthy. Though it is good that they use the latest tech, it is also important that they know where to draw the line. Don't take their addiction as a short term phase, as it can lead to mental and health issues. Use parental control apps to reduce their device usage and if still, it doesn't help, get them professional help as soon as you can. Your help and love can work magic. Don't underestimate the power of parenting! 


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