Galaxy Note 7 Not Allowed On Airlines To Coincides with 9/11 Anniversary; Mass Recall Now On Going

By Harvy, Parent Herald September 12, 12:40 am

A number of airlines have apparently issued verbal warnings specifying against usage of Samsung's newly released Galaxy Note 7 handsets, in the wake of reports of the phone suddenly exploding; a move that proves interesting as the calendar centers on the anniversary of the 2001 World Trade Center terrorist attacks.

Sept. 11, 2016 marked the 15th anniversary of the tragic terrorist attacks on the towers of the United States World Trade Center; just barely a month after Samsung released its newest installment in the Galaxy Note line of phablet smartphones, the Galaxy Note 7, which has come under fire due to numerous reports of faulty batteries causing the device to explode.

Now, Gizmodo reported that a number of airlines have taken extra precaution against the possibility of owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 bringing their devices on board only for the phablets to explode by issuing verbal warnings against using the device.

New York Times reporter Mike Isaac posted on his Twitter account of one such incident of an airline giving a verbal warning specifically for those who own a Galaxy Note 7. Isaac tweeted that an airline he was riding on said that the device, "due to recall, must be powered off and stowed. No charging."

Apparently, Isaac heard the verbal warning while flying on an American Airlines plane. Other Twitter users who responded to Isaac's post said that they heard similar warnings against the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on other American Airlines flights, though Lufthansa reportedly doing the same thing based on some other reports.

First reports of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding turned up about a couple of weeks ago, barely a week after Samsung released the phablet to the market on August 2 after much anticipation. Samsung began a product exchange program to try and handle the issue, though the effect is apparently not enough as incidents continue to occur, such as a New York Post report of the phablet exploding in the hands of a young boy.

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