Parenting Latest News Updates: Holderness Family Shows The Challenges Of Parenting With ADHD In A Hilarious Parody Video

Have you ever wondered what parenting with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) would be like? Wonder no more as the Holderness family, headed by dad Penn, present the challenges they had to face with the condition through a hilarious parody of Nature by Nature's 1991 hit song, "O.P.P."

Even though the parody video of the Holderness was filled with humor, parenting with ADHD is no joke at all. As a matter of fact, Penn showed his daily struggles from forgetting the remote on the fridge to zoning out while his wife Kim is talking to her.

Despite Penn's struggles while parenting with ADHD, he also discovered that he's creative, hardworking and good at multitasking. Huffington Post also added that Penn pointed out people with ADHD are good public speakers, energetic, fun and optimistic.

Based on the blog post about the Holderness family video, Penn wrote that people with ADHD are often spontaneous and passionate. They simply want to love and be loved. However, he also acknowledged the challenges that goes with the disorder, admitting living with them can be a "pain in the butt."

Fortunately, there are some helpful tips for families dealing with adult ADHD like the Holderness. According to Dr. David Goodman of Maryland's Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Center, finding the right medication for the family's need is very important since parenting with ADHD also comes with responsibilities.

That's why Goodman is advising ADHD parents to take a once-a-day, long-acting stimulant that will still work during homework, dinner and bedtimes. Goodman also recommends not skipping doses on the weekends.

Another tip for ADHD parents is setting family routines, alarms or visual cues, which will be posted in places that every member of the family can see, Today Parents noted. Last but not the least tip is the importance of communication in the family who's dealing with ADHD situations.

As for kids with ADHD, Michigan State University (MSU) highlighted the importance of behavior therapy as part of the children's treatment plan. Based on the recommendation of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), behavior therapy are usually given to children under the age of 6.

Moreover, MSU also outlined some specific strategies that can be used at home to help deal with ADHD kids. As a parent, one should always remember that dealing with ADHD is not only challenging for you but also to the young person who have it.

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