'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers: Xander And Brady Fights To Death; Three Villains Will Kill A Major "DOOL" Character?

By Staff Reporter, Parent Herald September 12, 01:01 pm

The recent revelations that "Days of Our Lives" may even be seeing its last days could not be true since the current progress of the story proves to be an indicator of an even better show. For this week's "DOOL" spoilers, fans will see how the three villains who came back from Salem take their vengeance.

Spoilers alert! This contains the latest "Days of Our Lives Spoilers! Read if you want to know more.

The three villains Orpheus (George DelHoyo), Clyde (James Read) and Xander (Paul Telfer) will be able to escape from prison and go back to Salem with just one agenda, and that is to create havoc to the people of "DOOL." Theresa will be the main victim this week as she will have to deal with Xander Cook.

Although Theresa is set to get married and she knows that Xander escaped and will hunt her, she and Brady still decided to get married and will enjoy the upcoming event. However, Xander will be there on Theresa's penthouse when she comes back.

Xander will try to attempt to kill Theresa by choking her and while it seems that Theresa is near her death, Brady will show up and the two will fight it out. However, Xander will be able to escape with Theresa getting injured on this week's "Days of Our Lives."

Blasting News reported that Theresa will not die this week although the injury she sustained from Xander is bad. However, she will stay with "Days of Our Lives" until this year although she might die later on with a better exit than some "DOOL" characters.

As the villains will be a triple threat to the entire town of Salem, the residents will soon join together to stop and capture them and put them back in jail once again. It will also be expected that since "Days of Our Lives" are now doing some major changes that the appearance of the three villains may soon cause the death of a major character.

What do you think will happen in this week's "Days of Our Lives?" Who do you think will die in the hands of the three villains?

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