'Train To Busan' Sequel News, Spoilers & Release Date: Star Gong Yoo Confirms Second Film

By Yves Matthew Amodia, Parent Herald September 14, 09:10 am

After rapturous praise when it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May, "Train to Busan," directed by Yeon Shang Ho, has become the latest South Korean movie to take the world by storm. Earning favorable comparisons to "World War Z" and "Snowpiercer," "Train to Busan" has been praised for its inventive and culturally sensitive spin to the zombie genre.

Naturally, the next question was whether "Train to Busan" will get the sequel treatment. After all, "Train to Busan" has already raked in a total of $99 million worldwide, already a massive success for a South Korean movie, according to The Numbers.

But it looks like there will indeed be a "Train to Busan" sequel after one of the main stars of the first movie confirmed the rumors. Gong Yoo, who played fund manager Seok Woo in the movie, posted on his Twitter account that the sequel to "Train to Busan" is being developed, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported. It is unlikely, however, that he will be returning because (spoiler alert!) he does not survive when the movie ends.

This was after the "Train To Busan" animated prequel "Seoul Station" also became a big success. The prequel was actually made before Yeon Shang Ho started working on "Train To Busan."

"Train To Busan" was released as a non-competing entry during the Cannes International Film Festival on May 13. After that, "Train of Busan" hit theaters in South Korea and became the first local movie to achieve more than 10 million attendants in 2016.

Are you excited to watch the "Train of Busan" sequel? Which character's story do you think should the "Train to Busan" sequel tackle? Parent Herald is looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas in the comments section. Meanwhile, watch the trailer for "Train To Busan" in the video below.

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