US Education News & Updates: The Role Of Opportunity And Education In Americans’ Way Of Life

From the time when U.S. President Barack Obama took office almost seven years ago, he has been determined to improve the education system of the United States. In fact, President Obama's comprehensive education has been concentrating more on opportunity and success in U.S. education.

According to U.S. Education Secretary John. B. King Jr., opportunity and education are not only essential to the economic progress of the nation but they are also the key elements of the American way of life and democracy. Unfortunately, not all citizens in the United States have access to education and opportunity.

Due to the sad reality of limited access to education, President Barack Obama has been boosting the government's efforts to improve and advance the opportunity and success of American children. According to the U.S. Department of Education press release, Obama's vision include efforts to address the dropout crisis while improving student achievement and graduation rates.

In addition, the outgoing U.S. President also hoped to further develop the equality in education and offer more access to high quality early childhood education. The president has also been advocating to ensure that all students are given the opportunity to complete first-rate college education at an affordable cost.

As the United States enacts its newest education law called the Every Student Succeeds Act, education experts and advocates are hopeful that the current administration continuously and meticulously working on education projects and campaigns. Through these efforts, it will help build the nation's competitiveness and prosperity.

Speaking of students' successes, Campus Reform revealed safe spaces are critical for a student's achievement. As a matter of fact, Evergreen State College president George Bridges insisted that higher education institution must create or provide more safe spaces.

Meanwhile, value for money can't reportedly be the only standard of measure in higher education. The Guardian stressed college education should not be treated like a hedge fund investment or shares instead, it should a transforming phase of life that prepares a person to explore for some sense in the things that have significantly enthused mankind, as per conservative political philosopher Michael Oakeshott.

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