Apple’s iOS 10 Praised By Social Media Users For New Single-Parent Emojis

By Olivia Reese, Parent Herald September 19, 03:06 am

Apple's iOS 10 gains commendation of single parents and their children for its new set of emojis that are simply inclusive and diverse. The single-parent emojis debuted alongside last week's release of the tech giant's new operating system.

The emojis showcase families with single mothers and single fathers raising one or two children, reports. Apple already made efforts to be inclusive and diverse prior to the iOS 10 update, but those emojis only featured families with same-sex parents. Check out Apple's new set of emojis below.

Single-parents and kids with only one parent raising them praised Apple's move. One Twitter user who's a single mom wrote that she and her son "are family" even if it's just them. Another Twitter user said she's "glad" that she can finally display her "single mom-ness in emoji form."

Another iOS 10 user applauded Apple via Twitter for acknowledging that not every person's parents are together. One user tweeted that his heart "overflowed with love" because of iOS 10's single-parent emojis.

Part of Apple's efforts to be more diverse and inclusive is its feminist emojis. IOS 10 also brought female emojis that depict a police officer, a construction worker, a guard and a detective/spy, as enumerated by Bustle. There are new emojis that cater to the LGBT community as well. Apple worked with the non-profit organization Unicode Consortium for these new emoji icons.

Aside from these, iOS 10 also introduced emojis of women playing sports such as bowling, surfing, swimming, golf, weight lifting, mountain biking, and basketball, as listed by Mashable. There are female emoji icons rowing a boat and running as well.

Thanks to iOS 10, Apple users can now remove or uninstall stock apps like Contacts, Maps, and Podcasts, which can be reinstalled through iTunes, according to Gizmodo. The new OS also allows users to turn read receipts on or off in conversations, an option that wasn't possible in past versions of the OS.

The iMessage option of Messages has been revamped in iOS 10, too. From now on, users can change their messages' 'weight' or send it as 'invisible ink,' which the receiver should scratch off to read what it says. In addition, the iMessage now has doodles, GIFs, and stickers, and words can now be replaced with an emoji icon.

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