Rattlesnakes Attack Two Kids in Northern Calif., Drought May Cause Increase in Snake Sightings

By Staff Reporter, Parent Herald June 12, 06:00 am

There are two cases of rattlesnake attacks reported in Northern Calif. within one week. Apart from this, rattlesnake experts admitted that they are receiving an increasing number of calls for the reptile's removal.

On a separate incident, Ishneed Kaur, 2, from Oakland, Calif., and Vinny, 4, from Folsom, Calif., were bitten by rattlesnakes.

In a report from ABC 7 News, Kaur was attacked by a rattlesnake on Tuesday night. According to the little girl's grandfather, she was just playing in their backyard at the time of the attack. They called 911 right away after determining that the child could be in grave danger.

The fire crew members who responded to the call noticed Kaur's swollen and black foot. They searched the area and found a rattlesnake.

Kaur is currently under medication at the Children's Hospital in Oakland.  She was transported to the hospital in an airlift on the same day she was bitten by the rattlesnake.

Doctors commented how lucky the child was to be brought in the healthcare facility so soon after the fatal incident.

In a separate report from ABC 7 News, a Foslom mother, Jaclyn Caramazza, was walking along Humbug Creek Trail with her son, Vinny, when the latter was attacked by a rattlesnake.

Caramazza shared that her son stepped on a baby rattlesnake while they were walking. She noticed two little puncture marks after taking off her son's shoe and out of fear that her child might get poisoned, she suck the venom and then rushed the child to the hospital for medication.

Caramazza is nine months pregnant and what she did—sucking the venom from her son's foot—could have endangered her and the child inside her.

Chris Stoots of California Fish and Wildlife advised not to do the same thing. He said, "Misconception is lacerate between the two points and suck the venom out. Absolutely don't do that. Use your basic wound type stuff. Soap and water."

Caramazza advised other moms not to follow what she did to his son, if the same incident would happen to them. She encouraged moms to call 911 right away, instead.

Vinny spent two days at the hospital and is currently at home recovering.

Veterinarians warn the public that they might be seeing more rattlesnakes due to the drought. Lindsay Wildlife vet Guthrum Purdin said, "With it being dry, a lot of animals are being more concentrated where water sources are."

David Allen, who has a snake removal company, described rattlesnakes as fearful creatures that would distance themselves from people at all costs. He said, "So generally if you do come across a rattlesnake, that snake is going to turn around and try to get away."

Allen said that it's better for people to keep their distance from rattlesnakes as well because cornering them might scared the reptiles and make them feel threatened. Once they feel this way, they become too aggressive so as to make an attack.

Experts suggest to clear the bushes at home where rattlesnakes are likely to hide. Moreover, everyone should stay away from logs and rocks where these creatures are likely to hibernate to minimize the chances of getting attacked.

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