'Pokemon Go' Second Gen Release Date, News & Update: Niantic Set May 2017 Release Date For Gen 2? Two New Patches Get Release Dates

Rumor has it that the second installment of "Pokemon Go" will be launched in May 2017, but Niantic is still keeping the exact date a top secret. Two new patches, on the other hand, are set to be released next month and early next year.

Neuro Gadget reported that "Pokemon Go" Trading will be up for download in October. This has been a long-standing request of fans since the franchise is also known for its trading requisites. "Pokemon Go" Trainer Battles meanwhile is scheduled sometime in December or January 2017. This patch, according to Pokemon Go Hub, will require players "to meet face to face", and "launching this feature during Winter and in time for holiday get together makes perfect sense". They also added that the "estimated time to develop, test and deploy Trainer Battles is around four months."

The second generation "Pokemon Go" will also include a number of region-locked Pokemons to complement the current four-region lock of the game. Still, there are now relative hints on what new "Pokemon Go" monsters will be included, but fans are already speculating that Miltank will be dedicated for North America and Heracross for Asia.

Aipon and Girafrig (Africa); Corsola (Australia); Dunsparce (Middle East); Snubbull (Europe); Stantler (North America and Canada or Europe) and Sudowoodo and Yanma (South America) are also eyed by fans to be included in the second installment. Delibird and Smeargle are good candidates for South America considering that the region doesn't have a locked Pokemon, they added.

"Pokemon Go" Hub also opined that the list of new Pokemons will peak at 100, alongside 86 new moves and meta updates. There will also be a "Baby Pokemon" feature, new mechanisms for PokeBalls and PokeStops, "diverging evolution lines and possible introduction of Evolution stones."

"Pokemon Go" players should anticipate big things from Niantic, especially that two new features are already divulged to the public. Plus, they are working on a better tracking system, which will make Pokemon catching more fluid and responsive.

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