Kardashians 'Turning Against' Caitlyn Jenner: She's Become So Different & Has Become Competition

Less than a month since her introduction to the world, Caitlyn Jenner is reportedly feuding with the ladies of the Jenner-Kardashian clan. 

A new report from Radar Online claims that the woman, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, is so far from the former Olympian in personality that Caitlyn is now in a bad place with her family. 

"Caitlyn is so far removed from the person that she was prior to the transition that some of her step-daughters cannot even stand to be around her right now," says a "Keeping up with the Kardashians" family insider. 

Apparently, from her Vanity Fair cover to her upcoming reality docuseries, "I am Cait," the newest member of the clan of female power is said to be "living for the spotlight now, whereas she always used to hate it." The source added, "It is really making people wonder about her intentions because she does not even acknowledge her past life anymore." 

Caitlyn Jenner is Competition

In addition to reportedly basking in the limelight, Bruce's ex-wife Kris Jenner is said to be taking the new woman's presence especially hard. Following Bruce and Kris' divorce, the pair aren't in good terms and the newest conflict stems from Caitlyn "stealing" Kris' glam squad. 

Hollywood Life shared that the 65-year-old Caitlyn took Kris' beloved beauty team and suddenly, they've all become too busy to cater to the needs of the Kardashian matriarch. 

"All of a sudden, Kris' hair and make-up people were always busy when she needed them - and she found out they've been working on Caitlyn in Malibu," quoted the publication of a Star magazine source. "Kris can't believe Caitlyn stole her glam squad! She is the one who put together this team, and she is totally ticked off that Caitlyn shamelessly poached them!"

Taking it a step further, a number of producers from "Keeping Up With The Kardashian" has allegedly jump ship to join the "I am Cait" team. The report also details that it wasn't much of a surprise given that Kris, 59, has a reputation from being someone difficult to work with.

The team members are said to prefer Caitlyn because there's "so much less stress and drama with her."

Caitlyn and Kris share two daugthers from their marriage, which ended in 2013, Kendall and Kylie Jenner. 

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