Parenting Book Suggests Ending Bribes & Threats in Discipline, Focus Should be on Good Choices & Showing Consequences of Actions

A new parenting book written by Kathy Walker suggests positive techniques when it comes to disciplining kids. Entitled "Future Proofing Your Child," the author provides a model for parents to mold their children's behavior in such a way that they would grow up to be rule-abiding individuals, who can be reliable and independent.

Walker, who has written three other books on parenting and carries over 20 years of experience in early childhood education, said that parents have to establish discipline on their kids early on. Waiting to set restrictions on kids in their teens may prove to be ineffective, as the children could lose valuable learnings they could have picked up earlier, according to Daily Mail.

"There are things we can do with kids at a younger age, when the brain is patterning, that will encourage them to make better choices, to understand consequences and express their feelings," Walker said.

However, parents must be able to discipline kids in a respectful manner. While the boundaries must be set while they are young, it should also show children the consequences of their action.

"If you tell kids to turn off the TV or they won't be able to watch it tomorrow, then you are teaching them to learn to be responsible," said Walker, according to News Corp Australia.

The author doesn't believe in bribing, smacking or threatening as these do not help children learn what good behavior is. "The key is to keep your expectations realistic and teach them to behave well; not out of fear, but because they know it's the right thing to do," Walker explained.

"If you give children responsibility and let them solve problems then they will grow up more resilient," the author said. The idea is to discipline kids consistently, with clear rules, realistic expectations and with the lines of communication open. This way, the relationship between the parents and the children is stronger and kids can draw good patterns of behavior from this.

Walker also emphasized that parents do not have to achieve perfection all the time and that "messing up" is acceptable. "Parents are trying hard to give their kids everything but often everyone is exhausted and tempers fray. Give yourself permission take off the pressure."

"I really feel for parents. Children have tantrums and they get angry. Parents need to know they don't always have to fix the problem and sanitize their child. Remember childhood is messy, physically and emotionally." Walker wrote in her book.

"Future Proofing Your Child" by Kathy Walker will be released on June 24, according to Daily Mail.

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