'GTA 6' Release Date, News & Update: 'Grand Theft Auto 6' To Appear On The Next E3 2017?

"GTA 6" has been reported previously that Rockstar Games cancelled its development as they give more focus on 'Grand Theft Auto 6.' The Rockstar Games finally confirmed that the "GTA 6" is now in progress and will be released 2 years from now.

According to Christian Daily, "GTA 6" is expected to have an appearance in the next E3 which will be held next year 2017. Game enthusiasts believed that the "Grand Theft Auto 6" will be released in 2018 to give way to the current "Grand Theft Auto V" as it is still earning a lot of sales until today.

A report shows that Rockstar Games will release the "GTA 6" once everything is finalized. Pointing out the story plot, Rockstar Games launched the GTA V with a very short storyline, where players can beat the single-player campaign within 2 days or even less 24 hours of non-stop play.

There are also rumors spreading that the "GTA 6" will have Eva Mendez to play the main female role, but Rockstar Games haven't confirmed anything yet. Many people believed that Rockstar Games will release the "GTA 6" with 4K feature and will be VR supported.

The iSports Times reported that the "GTA 6" development was cancelled because Rockstar Games wants to focus on "Grand Theft Auto V" DLC's and updates. It was even reported that Rockstar Games are currently developing the Red Dead Redemption 2, which is also a massive hit back when the first installment was released.

The rumors about the "GTA 6" was getting hotter as most players already beaten the GTA V. There are players who are not fond of playing "Grand Theft Auto V" Online who care much more about the story mission rather than playing cooperatively.

Until today, Rockstar Games are not confirming anything about "GTA 6," whether if it's in the current development or still in a scratch. One is clear as of the moment, Rockstar Games has just released the GTA V Biker DLC.

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