'Success Through Dyslexia': Get A Glimpse On How To Turn The Learning Deficiency Into A Success Story

By Abigail Robbins, Parent Herald October 05, 05:00 am

Dyslexia is one of the most common learning deficiencies that most students in the United States would have to deal with. It may be a challenge for some but there are some individuals that would pertain to their dyslexia as a gift and a challenge rather than a disadvantage.

BBC reports that 35 percent of entrepreneurs from the United States are diagnosed with dyslexia, and 50 percent of NASA's employees are diagnosed with the condition. One in every 10 people in the U.K. alone is diagnosed with dyslexia, while 20 percent of the entrepreneurs are dyslexic.

Most individuals, especially grade school and high school students were tagged as dumb as they're undiagnosed. Children that are left undiagnosed with dyslexia are thought to be slow learners as they would have a difficult time in terms of reading and writing, according to Parent Herald.

It may be an obstacle for some, but a 35-year-old successful entrepreneur changed to turn this challenge into a motivation. Ben Way opened up about his success with dyslexia and how it managed to pave way for his success.

"Now, I feel dyslexia is my greatest asset. I think differently and can assimilate information very quickly'" Ben Way told BBC. "For me, being dyslexic is a huge positive - it's a great club and the best people I know are in it. I would say that about 30 percent of the entrepreneurs I work with are dyslexic. If I hadn't been dyslexic, I would probably still be on a farm in Devon."

Ben Way also added that one of the best ways to work through dyslexia is to have it diagnosed as early as possible. He then added that there are countless resources that can help the individual to strive for success.

Do you know any success stories involving dyslexia? Do let us know through the comment section below.

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