Kelly Clarkson Wants To Stop At Baby Number 2, No Longer Planning On Having More Children

By Chiara Leghler, Parent Herald October 05, 07:30 am

Kelly Clarkson recently welcomed her second baby and the "American Idol" star no longer plans to expand their family. She also talked about her two children in a recent interview.

Clarkson, 34, was in New York City on Tuesday and was promoting her latest children's book called "River Rose and the Magical Lullaby." The book series was writtenby Clarkson after she gave birth to her second child, Remington Alexander. She gave birth to him five months ago and it seems that there is no baby number three in the plans.

She first shared with E! News that coming up with a book title was as easy as naming her children. She shared that they named their daughter River Rose after the river that was near their home. She shared, "My husband and I, we live on a river, so we're very original with that." She said that she loved the name because it was androgynous and it would have worked out whether they had a boy or a girl. As for the name of their second baby, she said that their friends chose the name for him.

Clarkson said that she was not even pregnant with their second child when they talked about the name of Remington. She said they were at lunch and told their friends that if they ever had another baby, they would like to name him with a name which has the initial "R."

She then talked about River Rose saying that her daughter is the opposite of chill saying that she is her mini-me. The "Piece By Piece" singer said that she could go from the sweetest thing to the most awful thing.

Clarkson said that there is a big difference between having two kids and an even bigger difference with having four since her husband has two older children from a past relationship. She said that there are a lot of times when they would have all the four children in one house and it is an amazing and awesome time in general. She then said that she does not want more kids unless someone dies and they would have to take care of that someone's child.

The reason behind no longer wanting to have more children is because she has had miserable pregnancies. It is true that Clarkson has not been having a grand time for her first and second pregnancy because of the intensity of the morning sickness she experienced.

US Weekly also reported that Clarkson has been showing off some progress regarding slimming down since she welcomed her second baby. The "Stronger" singer took to Instagram to post a jump shot photo of her while outside the Los Angeles studio of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." She shared that she stopped by the show for the "River Rose and the Magical Lullaby" book tour.

Clarkson has been the subject of body-shaming in the past years.

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