‘Shameless’ Season 7 Cancelled: Executive Producer Talks On Showtime Series’ Possible End [SPOILERS]

"Shameless" Season 7 recently premiered on Showtime and many viewers say that the series' latest episodes have been the best so far. While this is the case, executive producer Nancy Pimental talks about the show's possible end. Is Season 7 the last for the series?

This article contains spoilers. Read on if you want to learn more about the details of this story.

"Shameless" Season 7 is rumored to be the series finale for the Showtime series. In an interview with executive producer Nancy Pimental, the possibility of the show coming to an end was explored by TV Line.

Pimental admitted that the "Shameless" Season 7 cancellation was discussed with network execs and the crew. She revealed that Season 8 was mentioned during the discussion, but they are currently exploring their options.

"So we've talked about all options, [including] wrapping it up in a year or two," she said. "Or do we have more stories in us, because we have so many characters?"

The possibilities of "Shameless" are endless given that the show focuses on one character per season. In Season 7, the focus appears to be on Lip.

In an interview with Esquire, Jeremy Allen White, who plays Lip in "Shameless" Season 7, shared that he is excited that his character is now the focus of the show. White teased that by the end of season 7, things will become messy.

"Shameless" Season 7 spoilers also reveal that Lip may not find his happily ever after in the romance department despite the fact that he has found someone. According to White, Lip will begin to question himself and his capability to be a father when he did not have a good one while he was growing up.

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