Pregnancy News & Updates: Why Expectant Women Tend To Quit Their Jobs Later On Their Pregnancy

By Zubera, Parent Herald October 07, 01:44 pm

Pregnant women tend to get lazier in a long run as per the "help" they receive at work place. Recent studies have revealed that "help during pregnancy" can have negative consequences.

Pregnant women receiving help in simple acts such as pen retrieval have made them lazier to quit their jobs later. Based on the research conducted by Harvard Business Review, Professors of management, authors Judy Clair, Kristen Jones and Beth K. Humberd and Professor of psychology Eden King studied the lifestyle of 120 working pregnant women.

As per the survey, these 120 women were believed to have negative consequences of "help" they received during pregnancy leading to "threat to self-esteem" theory. "Help" to pregnant women is actually damaging to individuals who struggle to show that they are fully capable of performing as normal.

According to Pew Research Center, the survey showed nearly 18 percent of women ditch their jobs on eighth or ninth month of pregnancy. In 1960s, 65 percent women left their careers, which shows pregnancy and work as incompatible.

People around pregnant women should differentiate between "useful help" and "un-useful help." Un-useful help would be doing something that the pregnant women actually want to do. This has negative consequence on the woman in her later stages of life, it affects her future potential as working mom, reported.

Meanwhile, there are other work places, where discrimination is at the peak. Rather offering useful help women are fired once they are pregnant. According to a survey cited on Pregnant Then Screwed, "54,000 women a year are forced out of their jobs due to pregnancy."

Pregnant women should also be aware of their work place rights. Right to safety and health for protection of both mother and baby. Although, maternity leave is available as a right, let it not affect their potentials and competencies.


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