A New ‘Percy Jackson’ TV Series Could Be Coming Soon on CW

Rick Riordan's best selling novel "Percy Jackson and The Olympians" might be coming to TV screens in the near future, as reports from numerous sources claim that the fan favorite book series has been picked by CW, and will be soon under production.

"Percy Jackson and The Olympians," is one of the most popular young adult fiction books in the world today and has spawned two hugely successful movies, "Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief" and "Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters," and while fans are still eagerly waiting for the next chapter to be turned into another movie, they might see Percy Jackson on TV, instead.

According to News Everyday, TV network, CW, has picked up the "Percy Jackson" series and plan on making a television show about it. If this is indeed true, fans will get to see Percy and his friends go on their adventures on the small screen pretty soon. It was also rumored that Logan Lerman, who brought Percy Jackson to life in the two movie adaptations, won't be returning to reprise his role as the Son of Poseidon, and instead, the CW network opted to find a younger actor who could pass for a 14 year old to take on the role of the brave demigod.

Ecumenical News also reports that CW already set aside a huge production budget for the "Percy Jackson" TV adaptation, amounting to a whopping $12 million, for a 10 year deal. The rumored plan for the television series is to start from scratch, instead of picking up where the second film left off. This means that the TV adaptation would begin with the events from "Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief," and would follow on the storyline of the subsequent books.

There is indeed plenty of the "Percy Jackson" stories to tell, with five books written by Rick Riordan for source material. There is still no confirmation whether the TV series will be adapted from the book, or if they decide to write new stories entirely.

CW has also yet to confirm if these rumors are indeed true, and for now, fans can only wait and see.

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