'Magic Mike XXL' Star Channing Tatum Reads Scenes Written by Kids [Video]

Channing Tatum made the "Tonight Show Kid Theater" even livelier with his enactment of "Magic Mike" together with Jimmy Fallon.

The audience were very excited when they heard Fallon talking about Tatum enacting some of the scenes from "Magic Mike." However, what Tatum acted out were not the actual scenes from the movie. The script he used in his appearance was written by elementary students.

Tatum's "Magic Mike" movies are not appropriate for children, but in honor of the new movie "Magic Mike XXL," which will premiere on July 1, Fallon requested elementary school kids to rewrite a story about "Magic Mike."

The children were not informed about the movie, all they knew was the title of the piece they will be writing about. The children were encouraged to use their imagination.

The product of the children's creativity was both entertaining and hilarious. It contained ideas that might even be too much for adults, the Huffington Post reports.

The first script was portrayed by Tatum and Fallon. It was written by Steven, 8,  from Dallas Texas. There were two characters in the script. Tatum acted as Magic Mike while Fallon pretended to be Josh, the boy with a bicycle with a flat tire.

The two were intense on their performance. Fallon got the audience when he read the lines, "Oh no, my bike has a flat tire. How am I going to get to hockey practice on time? Oh I know! I know what I'll do! I'll call Magic Mike. Magic Mike! Magic Mike!," US Magazine has learned.

Tatum replied with a voice like that of a super hero, "Yes I am Magic Mike. I'm regular Mike except magic!" which rolled the audience clapping and laughing.

The duo's acting degenerated into a burst of laughter when the script calls for pumping the flat tire. The two repeatedly mentioned the words "pump, still pumping" while laughing.

The second script was written by Asher, 6, from Greensburg Pennsylvania. Tatum still played Magic Mike, while Fallon played the boss.

Magic Mike was tasked to keep aliens from the earth, which he failed to do. The two sounded funny when they prolonged their dialogue for the words, "Boy-haaaaa" delivered by Tatum. Fallon also prolonged Mike's name when he realized the aliens were invading the earth again.

The story had a twist. Magic Mike was just disguising and he took off his human mask. It was later revealed that Magic Mike was the king of the aliens that's why he didn't stop the aliens from invading the earth. Tatum was babbling the words which kept the audience laughing.

The third script was written by Cedi from Virginia. The story was about Magic Bird and Magic Mike. The two switched roles, this time Fallon played Magic Mike and Tatum as Magic Bird.

The scene started with Magic Bird being sentimental. He doesn't like being a Magic Bird because it makes him angry. The audience were ecstatic when Fallon stood up and said, "Here I'll blow on your forehead" and Fallon did. That scene ended with the two singing "Fly with me!" as written in the script.

The two were very game on portraying their characters from the script and the audience were very entertained.

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