Telephone Companies In The US Cease To Replace Samsung Galaxy Note 7 After New Reports Of It Blowing Up Again

By Joseph Fabio, Parent Herald October 11, 09:43 pm

Phone companies in the United States namely AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint has made an announcement to their consumers that will no longer give out replacement for their damaged Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The news started circulating on October 9.

According to a report made by CNET, major cellphone providers in America decided to stop the production of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 since the replacement phones were also said to be faulty. These companies even discourage their consumers to rather stop purchasing the famous Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Samsung on the other hand are still doing their best to do some damage control, as this issue has completely tarnished the reputation on their company.

A photo posted by Verizon (@verizon) on Mar 11, 2016 at 5:05am PST

ABC also reported this issue with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and its link to many phone providers in the U.S. saying they are currently holding the production of the said smartphone. They are doing some investigation regarding the issue of this particular unit blowing up. as it continue to disappoint their customers. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is unfortunately unsafe for purchase until further notice from the company. Fans of the said unit can still be assured that although it has caused a lot of damages to some people, Samsung is still not permanently putting a stop on its production. It is only temporary that they are pausing the production of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 until they are sure that it is 100% safe for their consumers to buy it.

Critics are saying that one of the reasons of its battery exploding is the fact that Samsung produced it in a hurry just to compete with Apple's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus release. As we all know, those two are also water resistant just like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. What do you think is the reason why these phones are exploding? Share us your opinion in the box below.

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