Sex Education Latest News Updates: How To Educate Children About Sex In The Digital Age

By KJ Williams, Parent Herald October 13, 04:00 am

As the world traverse into modernization and technological advancements, the negative influences of the digital age in the lives of humans are seemed to be unavoidable. These influences can be powerful in luring young minds into the interesting field of digital technology.

Even though the pervasiveness of technology could be helpful in the various fields of sciences such as education, it could still pose some risks, especially when it comes to young children and teenagers who have become more knowledgeable in the internet realm compared to most of their parents. But as these kids become well-rounded online, they are also exposed to the dangers of explicit and sexual content.

Based on the report of Crimes Against Children Research Center (via the New York Times), 93 percent of boys and 62 percent of girls have been exposed to pornography before they reach the age of 17. Many of these kids reportedly gained access to these sexual content without actively seeking it out.

With that said, the famous parental smartphone monitoring app TeenSafe wants to prepare and teach parents the ways on how to educate their children on the potential risks and repercussions of sex. In a blog post sent to Parent Herald via email, it outlined how parents should talk about sex education to their children.

As per TeenSafe's latest blog, some parents have avoided having the so-called "the talk" with their children about sex. Although it's understandable that this kind of conversation would often make anyone cringed, it's very important that kids understand and know the natural changes in their bodies, their desires and their curiosities.

It is also best to educated children about the catastrophic consequences of unprotected sex or sexual contact. These repercussions may include unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, among many others. Uninformed teens could also end up trapped in abusive relationships.

Fortunately, TeenSafe is urging parents out there to do the sex education conversation now rather than avoid it. Heather McPherson, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor and Sex therapist has stressed parents should also educate themselves and learn about the effective communication approach to talk about sex and technology to the youths of today.

In addition, parents are also advised to discuss the "weighty issues" to keep their children safe without limiting their conversation to a simple list of dos and don'ts regarding sex education. McPherson also pointed out that access to adult contents or porn are virtually unavoidable but parents should ensure they understand sex education correctly.

McPherson also added that it's mandatory to have a sex education talk to children now. Hence, it is important for parents to educate kids that porn exists - it's real and not a fantasy. But the essential thing is to do is for parents to explain that sexuality doesn't work like porn in reality.

So parents, are you ready to have a sex education one-on-one conversation with your children? What do you think is the most effective approach to talk to your kids about their sexuality?

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