KDrama 'Shopping King Louie' Updates, Spoilers: Slow Yet Steady For 'On the Way to the Airport' Rival?

Korean drama "Shopping King Louie" starring lead stars Seo In-guk, Nam Ji-hyun, Yoon Sang-hyun and Im Se-mi continues to raise the bar. Ratings went up, slow yet steady and now neck-in-neck with its TV rival, "On the Way to the Airport."

According to Soompi, Nielsen Korea released the latest ratings for the MBC drama, "Shopping King Louie" on Oct. 13. The ratings show pretty much a boost to a not-so-great start of the drama series.

The latest episode of "Shopping King Louie" received an 8.8 percent, a blow to KBS' "On the Way to the Airport" which received staggering rating of 8.5 percent. It's no surprise if "Shopping King Louie" would follow the likes of "W: Two Worlds," the recent drama aired by MBC before it land the TV screens.

What's the secret of "Shopping King Louie?" Simply, aside from the love triangle and memory loss, it's just the drama that tells consumers how to choose the quality product with just the right price. Some spoilers:

In episode six of "Shopping King Louie," Ma Ri (played by and Louie finally met--in a car accident. Ma Ri, literally and figuratively saying, bumped into Louie and made his date with Bok Shil quite a disaster. Ma Ri then confronts her inner voice, and tells his father what she saw during the epic day.

His father confirmed that, but just because of the money and the position, he told Ma Ri not to let the cat out of the bag. Ma Ri agreed because, as his father told her, later, he'll inherit the company.

Louie, as "Shopping King Louie" he has always been, is now the star and prime critique of Goldline's online products. He spreads comments like a proshopper, and now the ultimate guide of consumers in the cyberspace. But at the same time, his reckless and outright act led to cause damage to Bok Shil.

Of course, Mr. Cha came to the rescue and found his way to get Louie off the apple of his eye, Bok Shil. Now, Louie lives with the dashing Mr. Cha.

But there's no stopping the steamy developments in Louie and Bok Shil's relationship. Drawing closer, they are now in the same boat, sharing the same feelings.

The ship did sail, but fans should not be so confident about it. Louie is now hunted by Ma Ri's father's night courier--to bury his memories forever.

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