Surviving The Teenage Years: How Teenage Girls Face Life Amid The Drama And Complexities Of Adolescence

By KJ Williams, Parent Herald October 14, 02:17 am
In a blog post shared by The Living Proof Ministries titled, “Ten Truths for Teenage Girls," author Lindsee outlined some tips on how teenage girls can survive life amid the drama and complications of the adolescent stage.
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Perhaps one of the most complicated stages that one needs to go through in life is being a teenager. It could be linked to the rapid emotional, psychological and sometimes, physical changes that the youth of today are facing.

During their teenage years, kids are often more sensitive towards their environment, their feelings and the people they interact with. But there is nothing really big to worry about. This stage is normal and experienced by everyone. Without going through the hassle and bustles of a teenage life, one loses the chance to grow.

Not all teens, however, are prepared enough to cross the river of being a teenager. There are some who fail to bring the right while others could get along with the changes just fine.

Fortunately, Crosswalk Parenting forwarded a blog post (via an email) from The Living Proof Ministries titled, "Ten Truths for Teenage Girls." The post written by Lindsee outlined some tips on how teenage girls can survive life amid the drama and complications of the adolescent stage.

Based on the post, there are some tips on how to mitigate this teenage drama and come out as strong and confident more than ever. So, here are some tips for teenage girls to remember.

"God is the Author of Your Story, Not You."

Remember, you are God's chosen character. So, whenever you feel worried about anything, relax and remember that God has already made a plan for you. As written in Proverbs 19:21, "Many are the plans in a man's heart but it's always God's plans that prevail."

For all teenage girls out there, God's plan may not be the perfect one for you. But, it would always be what is best for your life.

"You are Beautiful."

All creations are wonderfully made because God is everything that is good. He created us in his own image and likeness. Therefore, you are all beautiful thus, teenagers shouldn't doubt the gifts and talents they have received from Him. Stand up and stay proud for He has chosen you to spread the mission and entrusted you with His grace.

"Be Bold."

In today's technologically advanced world, there's nothing more satisfying for teenagers than having late night conversations with newly found friends on social media. Inch by inch, the world is losing a life tradition and skill of social interaction. One shouldn't sacrifice face-to-face conversations for the sake of having temporary fame and attention in social networking sites. Go out and go straight in sharing your thoughts.

"Pursue Your Calling."

Go after things that make your heart smile. Do what you would want to do even after ten years. Be friends with everyone no matter what gender, age or culture. This only proves that God wants us to do the things we love aside from what He would want us to do.

People have plans they want to accomplish but the most challenging part is to know what is God's plans for us. So, trust His way and everything will be fulfilled smoothly.

"Know the Word."

During our downfalls, we are always revitalized by our own mantras. If ever we're in need of assurance, we get motivations from others. And from which, we slowly believe that we can because we or they say so. But the most heartwarming words will only come from God. His promises and encouragements are what we should fully remember for He alone can heal our broken souls.

"True Love Waits."

This may sound like an old cliche but teenagers should always be patient to wait for their own fairytale happy ending. Before you become someone's wife, you first become their Sister in Christ. Sex will never equate to love so, wait for a man who would want to pursue purity with you.

"Life Consists of Seasons."

"This too shall pass." - The way we perceive this statement is also the extent of our faith towards God's plans. Savor the peak of happiness and never doubt your downfalls. Trust Him, He knows you more than anyone and He knows what your heart desires.

"Be humble."

Stop chasing the limelight and instead, work God's ways quietly. Kindness doesn't boast nor selfless actions turn to incentives overnight. Learn to give without actually receiving.

"Your Words Matter."

You can always express kindness to anyone even in your own little ways. The words you utter, for example, pose a big impact on how you interact with people. Kind and honest words would earn you not only the respect but also the compassion of others. After all, people will forget you but they will never forget how your words made them feel.


No one is ever too old nor too young to laugh and have fun. May it be with your family or friends, laughing gets you to savor the sweetness of life. In God's spirit lies the infinite joy and freedom of the universe we live. So, as one cliché says, "Live every moment. Laugh every day. Love beyond words."

So, with Lindsee's "Ten Truths for Teenage Girls," they can now be ready to journey life armored with these simple words and surpass life's complexities with heads held up high. After all, we only got one chance on slaying it so why not challenge yourself to find your own best version.

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