John Legend Opens Up About Wife Chrissy Teigen in Reddit AMA, Shares Details on Married Life

By Mitch de Leon, Parent Herald June 30, 06:00 am

Multi-awarded singer and songwriter John Legend gave his fans and followers a glimpse of his blissful married life with Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen as he hosted his first ever Q & A session in Reddit AMA on Monday, according to Daily Caller.

The questions, which ranged from the artist's favorite songs to his wife's most delicious dish to date, allowed the public to have a better understanding of the driving force behind the success of Legend as a singer as well as his life as a married man. One of the most notable questions asked by the users is that raised regarding the first song the artist wrote for his wife, Teigen, and the inspiration for the piece.

Legend readily disclosed that the song "Good Morning" is the first song he dedicated to his wife and it was inspired by "morning sex." While earlier reports would reveal that Teigen was never one to shy away from sharing intimate details of her life with the singer, Legend actually managed to make the model blush by revealing one of their inside jokes during an episode of "Hollywood Game Night," according to People.

During the said episode, Teigen revealed that she and her husband has a "running joke about Clovis." While this seemed vague, the manner the model said it gave the audience the idea that it might be one of the couple's intimate jokes. Seemingly unimpressed by the details revealed by his wife about "Clovis," Legend went on to reveal, "If ever something was wrong down there for Chrissy, she'd say, 'My Clovis hurts.'" The revelation pushed the model to blush in embarrassment, prompting her to go to her husband's spot to ensure he does not disclose any more details.

Meanwhile, another Reddit user asked what the singer believes is the "most meaningful" to him and the single he could call as his "favorite" to perform onstage. The artist revealed that "All of Me," another song fans and followers of his music know to be written for Teigen, is both his favorite and the most significant piece for him.

Given that Legend seems to have a number of songs dedicated to his wife, another user asked about the reaction of Teigen when he sings something for her. The singer responded, "It depends on the song! When she loves it, she can get emotional. When she doesn't love it, she's not afraid to be real with me."

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