Kylie Jenner Sets The Record Straight By Answering Plastic Surgery Rumors and Her Exact Weight!

By GP Urbanozo, Parent Herald October 15, 10:35 pm

Kylie Jenner answers issues thrown at her. The youngest of Jenners has been the subject of rumors saying that she had butt and cheek reconstructive surgery. To set the record straight, she answered these issues and more with her best friend Anastasia Karanikolaou in her app "Get Real With Kylie".

Recently shared by E! Online, Kylie Jenner was asked by her fans if she had a nose job, breast augmentation/ breast implants and butt implants. To all these, Kylie Jenner said No to. Kylie Jenner also said that mother, Kris Jenner will never allow her 16-year-old (Kylie Jenner's age when rumors started spreading) to undergo such surgical procedures.

The reason behind butt implant rumor is because her weight, making her look rather thick and chunky. Kylie Jenner said she used to be 120 pounds. Currently, Kylie Jenner is pushing 136 pounds and is not worried because she likes the "chunkiness". From Kylie Jenner's reconstructive procedure issues, the questions then got switched to her relationship with the family.

On the question if Kylie Jenner is competing with her sisters, she is quick to say that she doesn't. Kylie Jenner said that she doesn't compete with her sisters and that all of them are hot but Kim Kardashian has the crown for being so sexy and cute. The last question, and probably the most ridiculous is the one on her sleeping with Scott Disick (Ex-partner of eldest sister Kourtney Kardashian) to which she immediately denied.

It is also known that back in 2015, Kylie Jenner, on being true to herself and her fans admitted to having temporary lip fillers from article shared by Daily Mail UK. Kylie Jenner said that it was something she wanted to do. It was through the advice of elder sister, Khloe Kardashian to come clean and just be real and so she did.

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