Teenage Drug Addiction: Why Teens Are Easily Lured Into The World Of Drugs

By Hasan Tariq, Parent Herald October 17, 08:24 pm

A lot of teens today decide on taking drugs. This decision is oftentimes underestimated by parents. Most of these kids aren't resilient and equipped to deal with the problems life constantly throws at them. As a result they happen to become an easy victim of peer pressure.

Teenagers are very easy to captivate through persuasive marketing. Drugs and alcohol are made appealing in the eyes of youth to make them potential users. According to Global News, studies have shown the correlation of alcohol consumption of youth with teenage exposure to alcohol marketing.

As far as drugs are concerned, the Hollywood industry rampantly depicts drug use. Among the movies and TV shows teens watch, alcohol and drug consumption are illustrated at a very high percentage. Alcohol shows up every 14 minutes on music videos.

Perhaps one could call it inevitable? Since the adolescent years of a person are his explorative years. However, it must also be remembered that this age can also make or break the situation of the child.

Drugs can provide an escape for a teenager whose life is swarming with family problems and struggles at school and with friends. A lack of coping strategies can lead a teenager down the road of drug consumption, a short-term solution that later becomes a long-term quandary.

Given their transition between childhood and adulthood, teenagers are often very emotionally unstable. Their minds and bodies are in the phase of becoming an adult's. Emotional problems are common among teenagers. According to Psychology Today, 8 percent of teens have anxiety disorder and around 11 percent have been diagnosed with ADHD.

These emotional and mental problems make a teenager vulnerable to drug consumption. Emotional instability further lures them into the pit of trying new drugs and gain ephemeral relief. These youth will do anything to ease down their pain despite how short-lived the means are.

Another reason why a teenager may be lured into the world of drugs is acceptance. Many of them think they're not accepted as adolescents, which is why their confidence is shattered. All they can do is fall prey to peer-pressure so that their social image may somewhat be repaired. Drugs help them come out of their shell but only at the cost of addiction and long-term pain.

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