Smoking Fathers Likely To Induce Asthma Risk In Future Offspring

A baby's ill health is often blamed upon the mother. It may be partly true but not entirely. There are some things, which highly depend on the father as well. Research done recently proved this, while including 24,000 offspring, which a father's lifetime smoking duration increased non-allergic early-onset asthma in the baby.

Those men smoking earlier than the age of 15 were seen to have increased the risk of asthma the most. On the other hand, women who smoked before the conception (not during pregnancy) seemed to have no such effect on the onset of asthma. This suggests that male sperm cells are at work here.

According to Eureka Alert, the Federation of American Societies For Experimental Biology has claimed that smoking can cause damage in the sperm cell and disturb its genetic matter. This may lead to developmental abnormalities in the fetus.

Previous studies done showed that the mother's environment, which includes nutritional, hormonal and psychological stimuli, may permanently change the organ composition. In addition, it may also permanently change cellular response and gene expression in her baby and father's genes were more defined in gene function.

According to Science Daily, after numerous animal experiements have taken place, it's becoming more evident that even a father's environment before conception can potentially affect the health of the baby. The biggest example of this is smoking, especially when started even before hitting puberty.

A huge responsibility lies on the government of each country to control the use of drugs and especially cigarettes, though it seems impossible at the moment. However, this inability to solve such a huge issue at hand doesn't undermine its magnitude.

A rather cheaper, efficient and effective way of controlling this, and to improve the lives for the upcoming generations, is to provide awareness among the people. Especially teenagers, who don't realize the sensitivity of the situation at hand at that age. Parents and teachers should council children in appropriate ways.

Together, if enough efforts are put in, there's hope to counter the awful deed of smoking which is not only affecting the lives about to come but the persons own life as well. May the odds be ever in the favor of humankind at large. 

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