'The Clash of Clans' October Update News: Tips And Tricks To Take Advantage Of Barracks and Friendly Wars!

The anticipated "Clash of Clans" October update was finally released. The last "CoC" patch was initially expected to be out last month but it was delayed. Now, "Clash of Clans" players can enjoy the new "CoC" features that include barracks and friendly wars. So, how can players take advantage of these new "Clash of Clans" functionalities?

One of the anticipated "CoC" features in the recent "Clash of Clans" update is the Friendly War. This feature allows "Clash of Clans" players to search for a particular specific clan for a friendly game challenge. By just tapping the challenge button, when the other clan accepts it, then the "CoC" players can now play for a fun game.

The Friendly War in "Clash of Clans" will allow "CoC" players to engage in a friendly battle to learn strategies, to grow with their defense or for pure fun. Per Supercell on their official "Clash of Clans" blog, the Friendly Wars can be as short as one hour and as small as 5v5. Check out this "CoC" video to learn how to exploit "Clash of Clans'" Friendly Wars.

Meanwhile, Supercell adds barracks on their recent "Clash of Clans" update to help "CoC" players unlock their troops and reduce the training time. When a "Clash of Clans" player upgrade additional barrack to the same level, the training time of that troop will be reduced.

"CoC" players should aim for more barracks on the same level because this means that your troop will be trained faster. Thus, you will have no issues when it comes to "Clash of Clans'" battle time.

Overall, barracks upgrade in "Clash of Clans" will either unlock a new troop or reduce its training time. Also, "CoC" players should be mindful that the troops' training will be slower if the barracks are under construction.

Have you tried "Clash of Clan's" Friendly Wars and Barracks? How do you find these new "CoC" features? Do you agree that it improves the "Clash of Clans" gaming experience? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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