Fifty And Pregnant: Why Women Choose To Have Children Later In Life

By Melanie Hemsworth, Parent Herald October 18, 02:10 am

With the report of teenage pregnancy declining, the hoi polloi has been more interested with the update of famous people having a baby later in life. News is, it's not just the celebrities. Women nowadays have a totally different perspective and have different priorities.

Headlines of the rich and famous with their baby bumps have clogged the media recently. The Mirror featured the biggest names in the business who took their time to start a family. The list involved American singer and performer Janet Jackson, No Doubt vocalist Gwen Stefani, Hollywood actress Halle Berry and Spice Girl Geri Horner.

When is the best time? Deciding when to have a baby is one of the paramount decisions a woman could ever make. What influences women in reaching this reconciliation?

Factors such as career focus, higher education and costly child-bearing have caused this trend. For some, career life comes first.

Interest on fertility treatment advancement has furthermore justified the shift. Liz McLaren, head of vital statistics output at the Office for National Statistics, highlights the higher fertility rate in women aged forty years old and above versus women aged twenty and younger.

The department's data shows the boost on fertility rate for all age groups aged forty and above, BBC reports. This is in distinction to the common knowledge about female fertility declining in the late twenty's.

It is of great importance that these changes are comprehended and reinforced, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service stated. Moreover, reproductive health care services should be readily available to meet their needs.

In the past two decades, the number of babies born to women forty-five years or older has tripled across the country, CBS declares. Waiting may have its risks but with the aid of modern medical technology, the possibility of medical complications at this age are reduced.

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