Demo for 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Already Revealed [VIDEO]

By Samille Jan Abada, Parent Herald October 19, 01:42 pm

The much awaited seventh installment of the Pokemon video game,  "Pokemon Sun and Moon," has a demo available now.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" was actually announced on Feb. 27 and was expected to be released on Nov. 18 worldwide, except for Europe as it is expected to be released on Nov. 23. Just like the sixth generation, "Pokémon Sun and Moon" will be played on the 3DS.

The release of "Pokémon Go" in July 2016 caused uproar to the whole world. In fact, it is considered as "everything," according to CBC News.  Although "Pokémon Go" was fun at first, nothing beats the standard way of playing Pokémon - that is playing it from your consoles battling with other Pokémon and trainers.

Since the demo for "Pokemon Sun and Moon" has already been released, the testers are working hard to extract much information from the game. The new region that the trainer has to explore is Alola, which is based on Hawaii. Some of the new starter Pokémons for the game includes the Grass and Flying type Rowlet, the Fire type Litten and the Water type Popplio.

Furthermore, that most of the sprites that are in the demo game are "shinies" or those Pokémon which are of different color than their usual. Another info gathered by the testers is the existence of the "ultra beasts," which does not look like a normal Pokémon. More Alolan forms were also revealed, but so far, they are only those Pokémon from the first generation.

There is also an addition of at least 26 new Pokémon moves and abilities. In addition, a player can freely move in any direction in the game, unlike the previous generation's eight directional grid. According to Kaphotics, the complete Pokédex contains 800 Pokémon and not all of these Pokémon are included in the demo. The game also revealed some pre-evolutions of the legendaries.

These information were just taken within hours after the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" demo was live in certain regions, wherein beta testers were able to extract this much information in such a small and limited demo. The data miners posted a video on Youtube for detailed findings from the demo. If players can't wait until the game has been released, Gamespot advised that you check it out.

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