Kim Kardashian Plans To Go Back To School To Become A Lawyer

By Jane Theron, Parent Herald October 19, 12:29 pm

Kim Kardashian plans to pursue law if things slow down with her. It is something that she wants to do when she is older. Raising 2 kids with singer Kanye West, the 35-year-old celebrity and businesswoman has a hectic schedule nowadays. She wants to have her on-the-job training at Johnnie Cochran's team where her father also had previously joined.

According to Wonderland Magazine, Kim already has a backup plan if she would not pursue law at all. She wants to be a forensic investigator.

Her father, Robert George Kardashian, was a friend of O. J. Simpson who had been very honest as regards Simpson's case. He answered an interview on ABC in 1996 that he doubts Simpson's innocence when he struggled with blood evidence. Kim's father is not just a lawyer but also a businessman. If Kim wants to follow the footsteps of her father, then she has already stepped one foot into being a successful businesswoman.

Kim Kardashian is pretty vocal with her educational background. She went to preschool with her celebrity and heiress friend Paris Hilton. According to Daily Mail, Kim Kardashian went to Marymount High School, which is a Roman Catholic All-Girls High School. Paris, on the other hand, went to Marywood-Palm Valley School. But if she implements her plan, becoming a lawyer might take some time because she still needs to take a college degree and earn a diploma and then take pre-law courses.

Contrary to what everyone assumed, Kim said that she has been financially independent since she was 18. After graduating from high school, she worked as a stylist and was often seen shopping with Paris Hilton and Lionel Richie's daughter Nicole. When her father died, Kim and her 2 siblings, Khloé and Kourtney, opened a boutique in Calabasas, near Los Angeles.

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