‘Pokemon Go’ New Tips & Tricks: Here Is The Best Fix To Get Rid Of Screen Freezes & Invisible Maps, PokeStops, Pokemons

By Keira Waldorf, Parent Herald October 19, 03:00 pm

"Pokemon Go" just recently received an update with new features that include rare Pokemon catch bonuses and the implementation of new gym rules. However, though some "Pokemon Go" trainers are happy that they can now bring six Pokemons inside friendly gyms, some players are experiencing game glitches that do not allow them to see anything on the maps, including gyms. Here is a rundown of the game issues and how to fix them.

"Pokemon Go" trainers reportedly experience freezing screens while they are in the middle of gameplay. Some players reported that there are times when the game freezes which prevents them from navigating the map. There were also instances that "Pokemon Go" cannot register any touch at all.

Reddit players claimed that the "Pokemon Go" glitch also caused Pokemons to disappear on the screen. PokeStops and gyms are also not visible on the map. Niantic Labs has not released a statement about these issues yet so here is how players can fix them for the meantime.

For "Pokemon Go" trainers who are experiencing similar cases above, the single resolution at the moment is to force restart the app, Heavy reported. Players who have tried restarting the app reported that the game turned back to normal for a period of time. This may be a temporary fix but it at least lets players get into the game for a while.

For players using iOS devices, force restarting only requires tapping on the home button for two times. A panel of opened apps will then appear. Players should look for the "Pokemon Go" app and swipe it up to shut it down.

Players on Android devices, on the other hand, can swipe up their screen and look for the round icon then tap it. Opened apps will also appear on the screen, including "Pokemon Go." Players should then click on the X button at the top corner of "Pokemon Go" to close it.

"Pokemon Go" is expected to receive new updates in the coming week. The game's current glitches could hopefully be fixed by the upcoming update. In the meantime, check out the latest "Pokemon Go" features in the video below.

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