‘Sesame Street’ News & Update: To Offer New Episodes Of Elmo’s World Come 2017

By Mela Obar, Parent Herald October 19, 07:03 am

The creators of "Sesame Street," the widely-popular children show will mark its 47th season in Jan 2017 with 25 new episodes of "Elmo's World!" Each of the five-minute episode targets preschoolers by offering topics that aim to nurture a child's developing mind.

This is definitely welcome news as according to a Daily Republic post, no new episode of "Elmo's World" has been done since 2009. Bill Irwin, a Tony winner and the man behind the character of Elmo's friend, Mr. Noodle will still be part of the new episodes. Meanwhile, award-winning actors, Daveed Diggs and Daniel Koren will also be joining the show to give life to new characters as brothers of Mr. Noodle.

The children will also love the addition of Smartie, an animated cellphone which will help Elmo introduce learning concepts in the show. In an article published in Deadline, the Creative Director of Sesame Workshop, Brown Johnson, said that the newly conceptualized "Elmo's World" segment will be more interactive and educational.

The children's show also adds a kindness curriculum which hopes to instill in every kid the value of being kind-hearted and empathetic. The kindness curriculum will involve a kindness cam where the children will be shown doing acts of kindness.

"Sesame Street" has been entertaining children all over the world with lively songs, adorable puppets, and fun games for decades and with this recent news, it looks like the show will still be part of one's childhood for years to come. "Sesame Street" is available on HBO Kids.

Are you happy that "Sesame Street" is back? What's your best childhood memories with "Sesame Street?" Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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