Teresa Palmer Makes Good Friends With Webber's Ex Shaw

By Paulene Seymour, Parent Herald October 19, 07:48 am

Actress Teresa Palmer has truly mastered versatility on screen and in real life. A doting stepmother to 8-year-old Isaac, she worked out a very healthy friendship with actress Frankie Shaw, ex-partner of her husband Mark Webber. This unique setup dispels the idea that exes and present partners can only harbor animosity with each other.

Teresa Palmer has been married to Webber since 2013. They started dating in 2012. Aside from Isaac, they have 2-year-old Bodhi and a second child that is currently on the way. For this second pregnancy, she has a midwife and plans to give birth at Flinders Medical Centre.

"We always say Isaac gets double the amount of love," Teresa Palmer revealed to The Courier Mail. The relationship that Teresa Palmer had with Frankie did not always have an easy flow. It took a year for her to set things up and work things out with her.

Teresa Palmer's personal life has blossomed as fully as her acting career. Just recently, she hit the headlines for being a part of the strongest characters in "Hacksaw Ridge," a Mel Gibson masterpiece about a soldier in the battle of Okinawa. It was inspired by World War II American Army and Medal of Honor awardee Desmond Doss, a medic who proactively saved lives during the war.

In this movie, she appreciated Gibson's creative liberties to actors and her friendship with co-star Andrew Garfield. Teresa Palmer eased into the premiere nights while stylishly sporting her baby bump.

Australian actress Teresa Palmer was formerly known for her roles in other films such as "Warm Bodies" and "I Am Number Four." She considers herself very lucky to get the role for this latest film project with Gibson and Garfield. She did not expect to get the role for the film because she was unfamiliar with the script during her audition and interview for the role.

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