'The Originals' Season 4 Spoilers & Update: Series Ending? Klaroline Reunion Imminent?

By Ella Rozic, Parent Herald October 19, 06:51 am

If you have seen the season three finale you would know how Klaus's family struggled by losing power. He was last seen in a coma and Hayley has been searching for a solution to break the spell.

The series' viewers would be thinking how they could ever come back from what had happened. Lucky for you, word has traveled around sharing tidbits about the latest season.

The series' fourth installment will premiere early next year. According to a report, this season will be featuring a five-year time jump.

By then, Klaus's daughter, Hope, has grown and she could possibly be his salvation from Tunde blade. Hope is revealed to be a miracle child, a powerful vampire with super powers. Knowing that, she might be the key in saving the Mikaelson family.

In other reports, a rumor suggests that it will be Caroline who will come to Klaus' rescue. The Vampire Diaries character shared a special bond with Klaus in the main series. Fans of Klaroline are excited as to how the new season will come about.

If a 'crossover' will happen, it will get as complicated as it gets. But avid viewers will still love it no matter what.

Aside from these spoilers, other rumors have emerged. Reports have it that 'The Original's is dropping viewership. With this, season four cuts the number of episodes from 23 to 13.

There are also stories saying that the latest season is going to be the last one from The CW network. Series' fans started to get intrigued after the confirmation of having fewer episodes. Usually, this only happens if a TV series is going to be canceled.

If the show gets canceled after this season, word goes around that ABC will be picking it up for season five. There is no official statement from the producers of the TV series and no confirmation on this rumor.

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