Michael Moore Trump Movie Release Date: Is It Actually Not About Donald Trump But About Clinton?

Parent Herald October 19, 11:31 am

"TrumpLand" is not actually about Trump. In the one-man show, Moore actually builds Clinton up.

 The movie begins with jokes, gradually transitioning into a more serious front. Moore's stage is then seen with photos of Clinton during her university years. The latter's speech is then played in the background.

 The speech was given during Clinton's graduation from Wellesley College. Michael Moore goes on comparing Clinton with Pope Francis. This referred to the part wherein the Pope had chosen to remain silent during the military junta in Argentina.

Although the movie may have started out with jokes, "TrumpLand's" ending shows a sincere, genuine Moore, a man with a serious conviction. However, the jokes were not all about Trump. Clinton was suggested as a ninja assassin, not entirely debunking the Vince Foster theory.

Michael Moore's "TrumpLand" may be seen by the Republicans as a pure satire. However, it is clear that the movie has a deep message that it wants to convey.

It wasn't a smooth show for Moore even if "TrumpLand" was shot in Ohio. There were a few misses for some of his jokes.

Michael Moore Trump movie release date announcement was made last Oct. 17, Monday. Moore even took to Twitter the announcement of his October Surprise.

The Guardian referred to the project as "Moore's emergency film." There is high anticipation for it looks like Trump is set to beat Democratic party's candidate Hilary Clinton.

"TrumpLand" will be screened for free at the IFC Center in New York on Oct. 25, Tuesday.

What do you think about Michael Moore's movie "TrumpLand"? Will it really have an impact in the upcoming Presidential Elections? Share your thoughts on the comment section below. Also, don't forget to watch this video.

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