'Candy Crush' TV Game Show In The Works? CBS Confirms

By Julia R. Manuel, Parent Herald October 19, 10:07 am

Ever wondered how it would feel like playing "Candy Crush" in real life? Imagine no more as a "Candy Crush" game show will be coming into your televisions.

The addicting "Candy Crush" game has moved on to the next level. The game's developer, King, has partnered with CBS and Lionsgate in bringing a show out of the game, according to E! News.

The "Candy Crush" show will be a one-hour game show. It is executive produced by Matt Kunitz.

In the "Candy Crush" game show, two teams will have to battle it out to solve a game board, like the one with the app. Each team has to do their best in matching candies.

The winning team will be crowned. As the "Candy Crush" game in smartphones required thinking and involves strategies, the show will be expected to be as hard, too.

Apparently, CBS bosses are huge fans of "Candy Crush." They said they were excited in making the hit game into reality.

Though the game has not been much talked about recently, the game still has players from all over the world. Bringing "Candy Crush" into the television would entertain viewers, according to the bosses.

The "Candy Crush" game show will be entertaining and challenging, according to a King official. Hopes are high that this will boost downloads and players of the mobile game.

The game needs players to get three or more candies to match. There would be corresponding points as to how many candies you have matched.

You need to reach certain scores for each level in order to go on to the next one.King also developed "Candy Crush Soda" and "Candy Crush Saga."

Though the concept of the "Candy Crush" game is not something new, expect that the show to bring in something unexpected as it is produced by Matt Kunitz, according to The Verge. Some of his other works were "Fear Factor" and "Wipeout."

That is both neat and sweet for fans still playing the game and those who want to experience adrenaline rush! There is still no announcement for the host and the premier date of the "Candy Crush" game show.

The colourful game just moved out of the small screens of our smartphones and will move to a bigger one, our televisions. Do you think "Candy Crush" turned into a game show would hit?

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