‘South Park’ Season 20 Episode 5 [SPOILERS]: Garrison Ditching ‘POTUS’ Dream? Upcoming ‘Douche And A Danish’ Episode Features More Trolls, Gender War

By KJ Williams, Parent Herald October 19, 07:00 pm

Even though the previous episode divided its concentration between Gerald's struggle over Skankhunt42 and the worsening situation in school, "South Park" season 20 episode 5 will be depicting Garrison's quest towards his ultimate desire as POTUS aka the President of the United States. In addition, the upcoming episode will also follow the gender war at the South Park Elementary School.

In "South Park" season 20 episode 5 titled, "Douche and a Danish," Garrison will reportedly give up his political dream of becoming the next U.S. president as he backs out from the presidential race. What's more interesting in the upcoming episode is the fact that the gender conflict in South Park Elementary School has intensified.

In addition, "South Park" season 20 episode 5 synopsis also revealed that the kids will be involved in finding the infamous Skankhunk42. South Park Studios blog post of the episode's official synopsis added that Gerald will team up with other trolls to thwart Denmark's plans to launch the TrollTrace website.

Meanwhile, before the happenings in "South Park" season 20 episode 5, fans got to see how the characters dealt with the "worsening situation" at South Park Elementary School while Gerald struggled over Skankhunt42. IGN also added the previous episode showed how 10-year-old boys flaunted their genitals around.

The publication also pointed out PC Principal's "aggressive tolerance" in the previous episode before "South Park" season 20 episode 5. It also suggested that the amusing "PC pretzel" happening will be further detailed in the coming weeks of Comedy Central's hit adult-animated series.

In other "South Park" season 20-related news, fans already have an idea on what's happening on its episode 5 but South Park Studios has recently announced some good news. Based on a blog post, South Park Studios have collaborated with Loot Crate to launch an exclusive special edition crate called "South Park: Twentieth Anniversary Crate," which is packed with eight mystery items to celebrate their 20th season milestone.

So, are you excited for "South Park" season 20 episode 5? Catch the new episode at 10 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 19 on Comedy Central.

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