‘Hacktivist’ TV Series: Alyssa Milano’s Graphic Novel Adaptation In The Works With ‘Covert Affairs’ Creators

By Sierra Williams, Parent Herald October 19, 01:46 pm

The CW is bringing Alyssa Milano's hit comic "Hacktivist" into the small screen. "Covert Affairs" creators are at the helm in developing a TV series based on the Anonymous hackers-inspired graphic novel. Will Alyssa Milano play a character?

"Mistresses" star Alyssa Milano has teamed up with "Covert Affairs" creators/executive producers Matt Corman and Chris Ord, BOOM! Studios and CBS TV Studios, to bring "Hacktivist" in the TV arena, Deadline reported. Corman and Ord write the script.

"Hacktivist" tells the story of two lead characters, Nate Graft and Ed Hiccox, who run a successful social media company during the day and are hackers by night. The CIA recruited Ed and Nate with the aim of influencing global social change. The conflict now would be whether Nate and Ed can be trusted given their powerful technical skills, or whether they can trust the CIA.

There are not details yet related to "Hacktivist" series cast and production, and if Alyssa Milano is going to act herself. In addition to Milano, Corman and Ord, Ross Richie and Stephen Christy are executive producers, and Josh Levy is a co-executive producer.

The "Project Runway" host Alyssa Milano came up with the idea of creating the comic book "Hacktivist" in 2013 when she "became obsessed" with how social media play a crucial role in today's society, particularly as a tool for protest.

"At the same time, Anonymous was using hacking skills to empower people," Alyssa Milano told The Daily Dot in an earlier interview. "And I thought, 'What if Anonymous wasn't a group but one person?' And that spiraled into, 'What if Anonymous was one guy? What characteristics would he have?' He'd have to be socially aware, a coder, have access, be compassionate."

"Hacktivist" will join the ranks of the likes of "Mr. Robot," which has been a wildly popular TV show. Stay tuned for more updates on when the "Hacktivist" is going to kick off.

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