Dakota Johnson and Cara Delavigne Dating, Jamie Dornan Finally Out Of The Picture

By Andrew Rutherford, Parent Herald October 19, 03:57 pm

Dakota Johnson is not staying quiet anymore as she and co-star Jamie Dornan have been rumored to be in a romantic relationship during the filming of "Fifty Shades Darker." However, it looks like Dornan is finally out of the picture since Cara Delavigne is finally dating Johnson.

After the devastating end of Dakota Johnson and Matthew Hitt's relationship a couple of months ago, the actress was then rumored to have a relationship with her co-star Jamie Dornan. This sparked the rumors the relationship of Amelia Warner and Jamie Dornan's marriage was in jeopardy while filming "Fifty Shades Darker."

However, after the filming of "Fifty Shades Darker" and "Fifty Shades Freed," Dakota Johnson has stayed pretty distant to Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner to possibly avoid fueling the rumors between her co-star, Jamie Dornan who plays Christian Grey.

After the on and off relationship of Dakota Johnson's and boyfriend Mathew Hitt, the actress has not been seen dating a guy. Instead, rumors circulated that Dakota Johnson and Rita Ora were involved during the shooting of "Fifty Shades Darker" which the actress denied.

Now, Dakota Johnson is not getting linked with Jamie Dornan, but instead with Cara Delevigne who just recently broke up with St Vincent who is now dating Kristen Stewart. "Cara Delevigne seems to be getting a lot closer to Dakota Johnson these days," a source said to Hollywood Life. "They seem to be getting along really well and Cara always seems really happy when they are together."

While the two could be just friends now but their relationship could develop into something more as they are inseparable these days. Cara Delavigne and Dakota Johnson are both single these days which could indicate that there is a possibility that they are more than friends.

When it comes to Jamie Dornan's involvement with the Dakota Johnson' it seems that the two will never be together since Dornan has always been in love with his wife, Amelia Warner.

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