Tom Cruise Reveals His 30-Year-Old 'Top Gun' Secret On Jimmy Kimmel

By Francheska Lachica, Parent Herald October 20, 11:14 am

Tom Cruise starred in a film called "Top Gun" in 1986. One of the most iconic elements of the film is the song "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins. During the guesting on "Jimmy Kimmel" on Tuesday night, Tom Cruise has revealed a secret of 30 years.

"Mission Impossible" actor, Tom Cruise, has revealed on the show that he vomited inside a jet while in training for the film, "Top Gun." Actor Tom Cruise said that during the training, they were moving around and did 9.5 gs that was very hard on his body.

The "Top Gun" actor also said he was carrying a vomit bag and in between takes he had to vomit. Cruise added he pressed down his head on the floor due to pressure and was trying to hold his vomit, according to Entertainment Weekly. The plane was flown by a guy named "Bozo." Tom Cruise said he was choking and Bozo kept on pulling up and when Cruise confronted him, Bozo said, "They don't call me Bozo for nothing."

Tom Cruise explained about Kenny Loggins and him not having the opportunity to meet during the filming of "Top Gun." It was only until "Jimmy Kimmel" show that they had the chance to meet. Tom Cruise said he loves Loggins' music and thinks his music is amazing.

"Top Gun" has hit the theaters 30 years ago and the producer, Jerry Bruckheimer said on the show a few months ago about how he persuaded Tom Cruise to do the movie, according to E! Online. Cruise responded with his smile and revealed that during the time, he was flying to New York and told his agent that he would do the movie but Jerry couldn't know.

Tom Cruise has expressed his thoughts towards the producer saying Jerry Bruckheimer is obviously one of the greatest producers of their time. Tom Cruise's little plan had worked and mentioned he loves telling that story.

Tom Cruise may have puked in the airplane during the training, but the actor has expressed his desires toward it. He said he always wanted to fly airplanes, and now he is a licensed pilot for commercial flights.

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